Meet Our Staff
Laura Bell
Laura currently residesn in Covington, Indiana with her Husband and two children.

Director & President
(765) 277-1254

Shelby Dickinson
Shelby currently resides in Covington, Indiana with her Husband, two children and her dog Charlie. She is a 2014 graduate from Indiana State University where she obtained her degree in Studio Arts and a minor in Art History. Her hobbies include spending time with her family, fishing, photography, traveling, arts and crafts and volunteering in her community. She is also the creator of the facebook group page called “Leading Royalty” where she post upcoming events for local Royalty to be involved in.
Director & Vice President
(765) 505-9844

Board Members
President- Laura Bell
Vice President- Shelby Dickinson
Secretary- Judie Donath
Treasurer- Eric Bell
Advisor- Jessie Carson
Assistant- Mia Bell