Rules & Regulations

Competing in a Beauty of Hope Pageants, means you understand and agree to the following rules as well as any implemented during competition and/or throughout the year of reign.

This is NOT a glitz pageant. Ages 9-11 may wear mascara and lip gloss ONLY in interview. They are allowed to wear mascara, lip gloss, natural cheek and eye color during the on-stage competitions. If this rule is broken, the contestant will receive a 5 point deduction before final scores are tallied. NO EXCEPTIONS! Ages 12 and up may wear AGE appropriate make up, but remember to keep it natural.

The following is NOT permitted at any age: showing midriff area; flippers; fake hair pieces (excluding those needed for medical purposes and approved by the director); showing a lot of cleavage; high slits; super low back cut-outs; side or waist cut outs; and dresses that are too short. If any of these rules are broken, there will be a 5 point deduction for each incident from a contestant's final score before the winners are chosen. If you have a concern or questions please contact the directors.

Interview Wear- Business suit or business dress are appropriate for all age groups.  Sunday best is appropriate for Young Miss Division. Note-Little Miss does not interview.

Evening Wear- All age groups will be in a formal gown of their choice. Little Miss Contestants are allowed to wear holiday dresses and church style dresses. Young & Junior Miss Contestants are allowed to wear a short or long formal gown. Teen and Miss Contestants should wear a long formal gown. All gowns must be age appropriate. Any color gown is welcome; please choose your colors that suit your complexion and personality.

Any contestant showing bad sportsmanship will be disqualified. If you are a victim of this, please report it to the pageant directors and each incident will be investigated. Any contestant or chaperone caught using foul language or threatens a contestant in any way, may cause the contestant to be disqualified. All physical abuse will be reported to the authorities. This applies to BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER the pageant. Any parent or fan of a contestant showing bad sportsmanship before, during, or after the pageant, may result in that contestant not being allowed to compete in Beauty of Hope Pageants in the future. This decision is at the director's discretion.
A contestant, family member or fan of a contestant may NOT approach a judge before, during, or after a pageant to ask them about their performance, comments, or results of the pageant. The director will have any and all information about the pageant and should be the only person you speak to concerning your performance, comments, or results.  We have a "0" (zero) tolerance for bad sportsmanship! No exceptions!

Do NOT be late for competitions. At registration check in, you will be given a FINAL schedule of time and events. The times may change from the original time line, so the schedule you recieve at check in should be the one you use. If a contestant is late for an event or misses her time slot, she will receive a “0” for her score from all the judges for that event.

Entry Fee:
NO Refunds are given under any circumstance.


Any contestant being disqualified from the pageants for any reason will receive NO refunds of any kind and must immediate forfeit any items they have received. By agreeing to participate in a Beauty of Hope pageants, you are not holding the pageant and its affiliates responsible for any losses or harm to items that is the contestants or the chaperones You are also giving Beauty of Hope permission to use your images--written; photographed; or videotaped with no expiration date attached. NO exceptions!

A contestant must be of good moral standards. She must not have any addictions to illegal substances or have any type of criminal record or convictions. Pregnant women may not compete for safety reasons. Contestants must not have ever posed nude for modeling, personal, or other reasons. Baby photos do not count.

Anyone who lies about anything during their interview process will automatically be disqualified for any and all pageant awards. You are encouraged to just simply be yourself during the entire pageant. We are looking for the all-natural, personable, and outgoing person who inspires to promote awarnesses about cancer.  Any falsification of a contestant’s information by the contestant or representative of the contestant will be cause for immediate disqualification--before, during, or after a competition. This person is never eligible to compete in our pageant system again.

Contestants competing for a queen's title must be a born female, still be a female, and will remain a female until she has crowned her successor.

Contestants may not compete while knowing they are pregnant at any age group as it is a safety concern for both the mother and unborn child. Contestants may not be a parent of child.

Contestants should not be married, nor get married during her reign.

Contestants who have been convicted of a crime may not compete in Beauty of Hope Pageants. Contestants who have been convicted of any type of sexual crime are prohibited from participating or being affiliated with Beauty of Hope Pageants in any way.


Queens may only hold one (1) other title while reigning as a Beauty of Hope. This is to make sure our cause and pageant is promoted successfully. 
Throughout the year there will be various required events that each queen should attend. All queens must commit to attend1 or more public events of her choosing each month to promote the pageant. She is required to attend the next year’s competition to help with the pageant and to crown her successor. She should also promote the pageant system and work to get contestants for the Beauty of Hope pageant. She should report her appearances by a photo to her directors and keep a scrapbook or calendar as proof of her appearances.

If you have Facebook or other social sites, please be aware of what you are putting on there. Inappropriate pictures, behavior, or script on your site by you could be cause for relinquishing your title to your runner up. Remember that you are an example to others and we want our pageant system to have a good reputation. Remember, you should be a positive role model to others. Queens should not dye their hair with fashion colors, if you are concerned about color choices please consult the directors. Hair colors will be considered at the Director’s discretion. As a role model in the community all queens should always look professional. If the Queen has any extra piercings we ask that they leave them out while at an appearance. Double ear piercings are permitted.
During title appearances, please do not wear shorts. Dress pants or dresses are preferred. Blue jeans are permitted at public functions excluding other pageant events, but may NOT have holes in them and should be fit appropriate. It is recommended that if you are attending another pageant function, no matter what the affiliate, then you should dress in business wear or a dress. Be considerate of conservative necklines, so you are not showing too much cleavage, midriffs, side cutouts, high slits, and short hem lines, as a lot of other pageants or festival events generally have visiting royalty to join them on stage. If your dress is too short, people can see up the dress. When appearing, be sure to be well dressed.   Remember, you are wearing a sash that reads “Beauty of Hope”.  Your appearance, attitude, politeness, and manners also attract others to our pageant so be sure it’s a positive impression you are leaving. Be aware of what you are saying. Never criticize others or use foul language while representing our pageant. The same could be said for family members or friends who travel with you to appearances. They are a reflection of you, so please ask your chaperon(s) to dress, act, and groom accordingly.  Boyfriends or significant other are not allowed to be your chaperon to any event. 

Any royalty who become pregnant must resign their titles to their next eligible runner up.

Care of Sash and Crown:
No sashes or crowns may be altered any way. Are crowns and sashes are custom and are exclusive to Beauty of Hope Pageant. Our crown or sash should never be worn with another pageants crown or sash.

Winners are responsible for the upkeep of their crowns and sashes. Keep in mind that stones fall out of crowns all the time; we have extra stones and will replaces it if we have the correct size. Crowns also tarnish, as they are silver-plated. Try your best to keep hair products away from your crown as this could help to prolong a crown’s shine. The directors are NOT responsible for replacing your crown, if it is broken.

If queen resigns or loses her title, she must return her crown, sash, and all prizes awarded to the directors. If her crown and sash is not presentable and needs repaired, she is responsible for paying the replacement value of either one or both.
Be prepared at all times to talk about Beauty of Hope and its cause so that you are prepared to speak to the public.

Just remember our motto is “it’s not the crown or sash that makes you a queen it’s the person wearing them”.  Just be the best “you” you can be and Beauty of Hope will be PROUD OF YOU!