On-Stage Question- 30 points per Judge

All age groups will answer an on-stage question. A list of possible questions for all age group can be found below. The night of the pageant questions will be randomly selected out of a container by each contestant. Once the contestant selects their question they should take a moment to read the question and to collect their thoughts.  Contestants are welcome to hold the microphone whille answering their on-stage question. Contestants should keep their answers down to around the 20 second mark, but make sure to not speak to quickly. It is important to speak at a
normal pace.

When the contestant is onstage, they should keep your posture in mind. If you stand straight with your head high, then you will look confident. On-stage question gives the contestant a chance to engage the judges and the audience. The judges are looking for great public speaking and delivery skills. Answers should address questions with a clear opinion. Statements should include a beginning, middle and closing.
Little Miss   On-Stage Questions
Young Miss On-Stage Questions
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On-Stage Question
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