Interviews- 35 points per Judge
Personal interview with the judges will be a three minute interview per judge. This will be a “round robin style” interview where you will meet with each judge individually. Contestants should be in a business dress or business suit. The Little Miss division will not have a personal interview.

Introduction- Not Scored
Each contestant will have to deliver their introduction. During their introduction they should state at least their name, age, where they are from and who they are honoring.

Model Wear- 20 points per Judge
Each contestant is to select ONE of the following categories and model an outfit that on stage. School Wear, Spirit/Sport Wear, Western Wear, Party Wear. Business/Career Wear, Decade Wear. The Little Miss division will not compete in Model Wear.

Evening Gown- 20 points per Judge
All age groups will wear a formal gown of their choice. Please remember to review our rules and regulations of evening gowns to insure your constants does not receive any deductions.

On-Stage Question- 30 points per Judge
All age groups will answer and on-stage question. A list of possible questions will be provided for the contestants to view and prepare.

Community Service- 10 points total
Each contestant is required to raise $25 for the American Cancer Society. Donations will need to be turned in on the night of Rehearsal. Failure to not turn in the donation will result in a 0 Point Score for Community Service.
Final Scoring Notes-
Judges final scores and comments will be available for pick up at the tally table following the conclusion of the pageant. The contestant with the highest amount of points in each age division will be crowned Queen. In the event of a tie the contestant with the higher interview score will be crowned. A contestant, family member or fan of a contestant may NOT approach a judge before, during, or after a pageant to ask them about their performance, comments, or results of the pageant. The director will have any and all information about the pageant and should be the only person you speak to concerning your performance, comments, or results.