Each contestant will have to deliver their own introduction. The contestant will wear the provided t-shirt with jeans and shoes of their choice. Each contestant will carry an 8x10 photo of the loved one, family member or friend who they would like to honor that has been affected by cancer.
During their introduction contestants should state the following; 
their name, age, where they are from and who they are honoring.
Introductions should be no longer than 45 seconds.
A collage can be made if the contestant is honoring more than one person.
Contestant may decorate their frames if they choose to.
If the contestant wants to carry a frame bigger than an 8x10 please clear it through the Director ahead of time. Frames may not be smaller than the 8x10.
  1. Little Miss
  2. Young Miss
  3. Junior Miss
  4. Teen Miss
  5. Miss
  6. Past Queens

Introduction Walk