Interviews- 35 points per Judge

Beauty of Hope Pageant interviews are conducted in a round robin style. This means that the contestant will interview with each judge individually. The contestants will be given the chance to speak to each judge individually for three minutes. There will be a total of 3 professional pageant judges in the room conducting interviews. When their three minutes has concluded, the judge’s coordinator will ring a bell. The contestant will then stand behind their chair with their back to the judge. Each Judge will be given a few moments to write down their scores and any comments. Once the judges are finished the judge’s coordinator will ask the contestants to move to the next judge. One the contestant concudes their interview with the third judge they will exit the interview room.

First impressions are important in life, and they are critical in pageants. Appearance is the first thing that counts. Make sure that your first impression accurately represents who you are. Simplicity, modesty, and subtle hints of personality all come together to make that possible.

Contestants should be in a business dress or business suit and should wear pantyhose and closed toed shoes for a polished, professional look.

Personal interview is the best way for the judges to get to know the contestant on a personal level and really see their personality. The judges are looking for a contestant who is very outgoing; well spoken; good posture; of good morals; very confident in herself and who really embraces the goals and ambitions of Beauty of Hope Pageant. 

The Little Miss division will not interview.