Evening Wear- 20 points per Judge

All age groups will model a formal gown of their choice. Little Miss Contestants are allowed to wear holiday dresses and church style dresses. Young & Junior Miss contestants are allowed to wear a short or long formal gown. Teen and Miss Contestants should wear a long formal gown.

All gowns must be age appropriate. No deep necklines or plunging backs to the tailbone that are not covered by mesh, no cut-outs at all and splits are to be no higher than the knee front or back. Any color gown is welcome; please choose your colors to suit your complexion and personality.

 If you selected a full length gown for competition, it’s best for the gown to touch the floor. Hem it just high enough so the contestant can walk in the gown without stepping on it. Your shoes should not be visible when they are standing still. If the contestant must hold their dress to walk then the gown is too long.

Please make sure there are straps on your contestant’s gown if she is between the ages of 5-14.
Evening Gown is the contestants chance to show her poise and posture. The judges are looking for a contestant who models with confidence.  Be aware of facial expressions as you model your gown.
Evening Gown Examples
  1. Evening Gown Examples
  2. Evening Gown Examples
  3. Evening Gown Examples
  4. Evening Gown Examples
  5. Evening Gown Examples
  6. Evening Gown Examples
  7. Evening Gown Examples
  8. Evening Gown Examples
  9. Evening Gown Examples

Evening Gown Walk

Contestants will answer their onstage question at position #5