Beauty of Hope Benefit Pageant

Beauty of Hope Pageant is a benefit pageant for The American Cancer Society

2018 Beauty of Hope Benefit Pageant will be held on March 3, 2018 in Crossroads Chruch-Danville, IL .

The Beauty of Hope Benefit Pageant will crown 5 age groups. 
 Judging will consist of interview, 1 model wear outfit of choice from categories listed below,

and evening gown with on-stage question. Little Miss Contestants do not interview.
All contestants will participate in an on stage introduction that will not be judged, at that time they will recongize the loved
one they are honoring in the pageant that has been affected by cancer with an 8x10 framed picture.
 All contestants are required to raise a minimum of $25 in donations for the American Cancer Society.

The Age Groups are as Follows:
Little Miss-5-8 years
Young Miss- 9-11
Jr. Miss- 12-14 years

Teen Miss- 15-17 years
Miss- 18-21 years

The Fees are:
Little Miss - $35.00 (Do not compete in interview)
All other age groups - $50.00
All entry fees include the contestants t-shirt and one ticket into pageant.

Payments can be made through paypal or cashiers check to our pageant office. 
Cashier Check- 14655 N. 300 E. Covington, IN 47932

Early Bird Entry Fee:
Registration at the Meet & Greet on January 20, 2018 at the Crossroads Church- Danville, IL from 1-3pm CST. ALL age groups we be at the low prices of only $25.00 for registering at the Meet & Greet.

Please follow the steps below to become a contestant.

Step 1- Please take the time to read and review our Pageant Rules.
Parents and Contestants must agree to our terms to sign up for the pageant.

Step 2- To become an official contestant entry free must be paid by the registration deadline. You can pay your entry free through our online store by using paypal or you can pay with a cashier’s check. Please fill out your contact information through our online store so that we are able to contact you. You can check out of the Store without making a payment.

Step 3- Once your entry fee has been paid please fill out our Contestant Biography and submit it to us.

Step 4- Pick out your Model Wear . Please send a short discription and,a photo of your model wear outfit to [email protected] by the deadline.
Choices for Model Wear:
School Wear, Spirit/Sport Wear, Western Wear, Party Wear, Business/Career Wear, Decade Wear

Step 5- Submitt your photogenic headshot or contact our Co-Director: Shelby Dickinson to have your headshot taken for no charge. Photo Buttons can be ordered with your contestants headshot, but the image must be taken by Shelby. No other photographers images can be used on the photo button. If you are submitting a photograph from another photographer please make sure to have their consent. NO images will be accepted if they have a photographers logo on them.

                     If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message at [email protected]                                    We aim to reply within 24 hours.
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